Key Urban Planning offers a broad range of services covering a number of aspects of urban and regional planning and development. Our services can be tailored to the clients needs and budget.

We specialise in the Land and Environment Court of NSW in representing clients in appeals and dispute resolution.

Clients can benefit from our strong understanding of the operations of Local Government and can assist in the preparation of documentation for a Development Application covering a broad range of land use types. We can take on the role of a lead consultant co-ordinating a team of specialists to ensure you get the outcomes you want.

Development Applications

  • Preparation of Development Applications to Council’s (Local and Regional Development)
  • Reviews of applications and preparation of submissions
  • Preparation of Statements of Environmental Effects and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Applications to modify consents or reviews (s96 application and s82A reviews)
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) for State Significant Development
  • Written objection to Development Standards (SEPP 1 or cl 4.6 Standard Instrument)
  • Pre DA lodgement advice
  • Visual Analysis preparation for projects
  • Preparation of Plans of Management

Appeals & Advice

  • Appeals in the Land and Environment Court
  • Expert evidence
  • S 34 conferences
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Representation on Orders for unauthorised works

Strategic Planning

  • Plans and policies
  • Planning proposals (rezoning applications)
  • Submissions on urban renewal and housing strategies

Negotiation & Community Support

  • Attendance at Council meetings, public forums, workshops and the like on behalf of clients
  • Assistance in the engagement of legal specialists
  • Undertaking community consultation and engagement strategies